Do you have questions about Investing in Real Estate with an IRA?

If you don’t have questions already, you soon will when you look at these questions!

1) What is the correct term for “An individual, company, organization, or other entity named in a trust, life insurance policy, annuity, will or other agreement who receives a financial benefit upon the death of the principal”?

A. Charitable Remainder Trust
B. Collectibles
C. Living Trust
D. Beneficiary

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2) A Self-Directed IRA can Invest in which?

A. Real Estate
B. Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds
C. Art and Jewelry
D. All of the Above
E. None-of the Above

3) A Self-Directed IRA can not invest in which?

A. The beneficiary’s brother’s company
B. The beneficiary’s father’s company
C. The beneficiary’s residence
D. All the Above
E. Both B & C Above

4) What is the correct term for “reallocating assets within a portfolio (to maximize a return for a specific level of risk)?

A. Relocating Assets
B. Asset Diversification
C. Asset Allocation
D. Asset Maximization

5) What is the correct term for “The sale or disposition of real estate or personal property (relinquished property) and the acquisition of like-kind real estate or personal property (replacement property) structured as a tax-deferred, like-kind exchange transaction”?

A. 1031 Exchange
B. Accommodator
C. Mortgage Boot
D. None of the above

6) UBIT stands for:

A. Unoccupied Building In Town
B. Under Buyer’s Influenced Thought
C. Unrelated Business Income Tax
D. Unreported Business Income Tax

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