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Please be aware that this is not a solicitation or an offer of securities. Investment opportunities with Oregon House Flippers are exclusively extended to qualified investors through a written Investment Agreement or Private Placement Memorandum.

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Congress has been progressively implementing sections of the Dodd-Frank Act since 2011. Recent changes have influenced how real estate investors are regulated and how they can engage with other real estate investors. These regulations can be found under what is titled Regulation A and Regulation D. What’s of utmost importance is understanding who can invest in real estate alongside others by contributing funds to another real estate investor, thereby facilitating transactions like funding property purchases, establishing trust deeds, specifying interest terms, and recording agreements at the county clerk’s recording office.

I’ve engaged in similar investments with other real estate investors, and it’s a legitimate practice. Essentially, it involves lending money with the assurance of a secured note and mortgage. In return, I receive a consistent income from my investment. When the note matures, I receive my initial investment back, and I can then explore other investment opportunities for my capital.

It’s worth noting that if you’re involved in investments like purchasing notes or converting your real estate properties into seller financing arrangements to generate long-term income with interest, the Dodd-Frank Act stipulates that you, as an individual investor (as opposed to large financial institutions), must qualify as an accredited investor to make these financial decisions independently. This requirement exists because you need a Mortgage Loan Originator to draft the necessary documents for these transactions.

So, what is an Accredited Investor?
I’ll point you to the answer from the Federal Government.

Accredited Investor Application Form

We present accredited investors with an opportunity to review quality deal flow that matches their criteria. Access to our opportunities is free for your use, however, you must be a direct, accredited or sophisticated investor. This section is not open to broker dealers/finders/middle-men. All applications are reviewed by hand. If you are interested in investment opportunities with us, please complete and submit the registration form below.
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