Why Warren Buffet Advocates Investing in Single Family Homes in the Current Market (watch the video interview below)…

warren buffet investing in real estate

For Immediate Release in Eugene: Warren Buffet’s Exclusive CNBC Interview Discusses Why, in Today’s Market, Affordable Single Family Real Estate is His Preferred Investment Choice…

In a recent CNBC interview, Warren Buffet emphasized that real estate, as highlighted in the video below, currently represents a more secure and preferable investment option when compared to stocks.

Plus Warren says exactly how he’d do it if it were him.

(Click Play To Hear Warrens Advice Below)
Buffet On Investing In Real Estate

Discover the Art of Acquiring Discounted Properties “Buffet-Style” in Eugene

One major criteria Warren mentions in the interview above is that the properties have to be a “good deal” and bought at a discount.

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